Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VOA listening article

VOA Mosaic Radio Blog Article

What does “blog” stand for?
What do people write blogs about?
What topics do people read on blogs?
What do studies say about blogs?
How many people have started a blog?
How many countries have bloggers?
How many languages are blogs written in?
What is the relationship between the US government and the VOA?
Can the gov’t tell the VOA what to write?
What does the America blog focus on?
What is special about it?
Who was the first American chess champion?
When was he born?
Where was he born?
When did he learn chess? Who taught him?
When did he become a grand master?
Who was his most famous game with? Where did it take place?
What, besides chess, was Fischer’s game about?
Who convinced Fischer to compete?
What was his record?
What things did he complain about?
What year did he reappear again to play against Spasky?
Where did he go after the game?
Where is he now?

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